Target Gear Smart Mount - Universal Stick On Magnetic Car Mount Holder for Cell Phones

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Using Target Gears Smart Mount, is primarily a safety solution to the problem of handling Smartphones while driving. Many states passed laws on the use and handling of phones in "hands-free" mode while driving. Even if your state has not passed a law on this, we all owe it to our family, friends and all loved ones to imbibe this as a standard daily use smart phone accessory to avoid unnecessary accidents while driving..

TARGET GEAR SMART MOUNT - Is A Universal Stick On Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount Holder For Cell Phones Mini Tablets GPS and Laptops Less Than 2 lbs (2 Pk)EASY TO USE: Stick On universal smartphone magnetic car mount holder WILL NOT BLOCK THE AIR VENT and the windshield of the car, truck or van. Its way easier to use than any other mounts just stick it on your car and you are good to go(Comes With An Extra Mount Base).

Why Target Gears Smart Mount?